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Here are some brilliant functionality of the modules

1 - Inbuilt google map (enable/disable) .

2 - User can add any email id to get the details from ajax contact form.

3 - Module has two positions . you can display in top-left as well as in top-right.

4 - Custom Thank You Message.

5 - Working in all Browsers .


For any query or sugesstions , shoot a ticket on our ticket support system : http://webkul.com/ticket/

  1. Step #1

    WebKul is an established web development will work inside of Website Tour.

  2. Step #2

    Get the details right by styling Website Tour with our demo website!

  3. Step #3

    It works in all the browser.

  4. Step #4

    It works when we set all the parameteron the admin.

  5. Step #5

    Add tours with our easy point and click interface!